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Tony Horton’s Tips For Spring

Tony Horton’s Tips For Spring

Spring is a wonderful time in the garden, a surplus of plant growth together with lots of buds and flowers.

Spring is a great time to fertilize as it is feeding time for plants, trees , herbs, vegetables and lawns.

Roses are awakening from their slumber and starting to leaf up. They are best pruned back in July but it’s never too late! Apply some good organic fertilizer, like dynamic lifter, around each rose bush and mulch well. You may find aphids on the new leaf growth so be on the lookout and spray them on a regular basis.

Vegetables, herbs and fruit trees love this time of year and whether you’re growing them in the garden or in pots or containers, make sure they’re fed, watered and organically mulched well.

Apply fertilizers to lawns in Spring at the rate of 50gm per square metre. Spread fertilizer on dry lawn then water in well for best results. Use a soluble lawn fertilizer.

This time of the year is a great time to start a vegetable garden. Use pots or containers or place herbs etc amongst the plants and trees in your garden making sure you create a good soil environment.

Establish or rejuvenate garden beds.

Renovate established lawns and give your gardens their once a year feed of fertilizer.

Get rid of weeds now, hand weeding is the best, before they seed!

Flowering spring ANNUALS can be planted now to give your garden a quick lift adding instant colour.


-Remove dead trees or plants, plant new trees including fruit and citrus trees. Mulch garden beds and pots.
-Clean out ponds and water features, check pumps and filters.
-Check all outdoor furniture. Stain timber furniture where necessary, check for spiders and nasties
-Fill gas bottles and spruce up the barbecue

Enjoy the wonderful outdoor life that we experience here in Western Australia.