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Maintenance of your landscaping project.

Landscaping by Tony Horton offers an ongoing garden maintenance service for residential and commercial properties following initial installation and construction.

Our customers spend good money on their garden landscapes and it is sound practice to maintain the original concept and installation as the garden grows.

The best results are achieved when the landscaping project is kept in good condition for you to use all year round. Pruning and other maintenance services allow for the natural growth of plants and turf. This constant attention to the plants allows them to stay healthy and flourish when you want them to.

I can recommend the best natural fertilizers for you to use. Not only on the project that I have helped to create, but also on the rest of your garden as well. Using the right fertilizer, and the right amount of it, will help the plants to look their best . From simple liquid fertilizer that you mix with water, through to stronger, more concentrated suppliments for conditioning the soils aoround your plants, I can help you to take the success of the project and spread it through the whole garden.

We can programme the garden maintenance service to suit your requirements. This can be on a regular basis at an hourly rate, or on a yearly service fixed quoted price.

For your garden maintenance service call Landscaping by Tony Horton on 0417818775.

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