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Tony Horton’s Tips For Spring

Spring is a wonderful time in the garden, a surplus of plant growth together with lots of buds and flowers. Spring is a great time to fertilize as it is feeding time for plants, trees , herbs, vegetables and lawns. Roses are awakening from their slumber and starting to leaf ...

Landscaper Designer Perth
Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

Your Dream Outdoor Living Space is where you make memories that last a lifetime. Summer is meant to be spent outdoors in your dream outdoor living space, enjoying the good weather and scenery. This is the time of year when families prefer to enjoy their backyards and patios to entertain ...

Landscaping-By-Tony-Horton-Finished Landscaping Project Perth
Landscaping Adds Property Value

Landscaping Adds Property Value and lifestyle to your home. Landscaping adds property value – tens of thousands of dollars  – to the value of your property. It is one of the few home improvements you can make that not only adds value immediately, but also increases in value as the ...

Landscape designing and installation perth-Landscaping by Tony Horton
Landscape Designing – Building A Backyard Fire Pit

Landscape Designing – Why Building A Backyard Fire Pit will increase the time you spend outside. Landscape designing can provide a great way to enjoy an evening – by relaxing by an open fire — and a fire pit can make it even nicer. They are great for outdoor entertaining, ...

Landscape Services Perth-Is the wrong mower hurting your landscaping
Signs of Yard Drainage Problems

Signs of Yard Drainage Problems can help you save your home You don’t have to be an expert to know that puddles in the basement or a lake on the front lawn are signs of drainage problems. But many drainage problems aren’t so obvious. Here’s how the pros read some ...

How to mow your lawn properly-Landscaping Servceis Perth
6 Landscaping Methods to Prevent Water Problems

6 Landscaping Methods to Prevent Water Problems and improve your home. Finding water in your basement is never a good thing. But how did it get there in the first place? While most problems are caused by poorly sealed foundations and hydrostatic pressure, sometimes basement flooding is directly related to landscaping ...

How Landscape Design improves the outdoor lifestyle
How Landscaping Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Home?

How Landscaping Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Home and add value to your property Don’t let your landscaping make a bad first impression. What do buyers first see when deciding if they should take a closer look at a house? The home’s exterior – including the front entry, yard, driveway ...

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